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Universal Tennis Rating Agreement

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This relationship is currently under review by Tennis League Network, llc and is earmarked for ending on June 4th. There won't be any updating of UTRs through this process.
PeninsulaTennis has signed an agreement with Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) where your league matches will now either create or update your UTR Rating.

Check out about UTR here: Universal Tennis Rating.

1) Will my UTR rating be updated with every match? Or how often will it be updated on my profile?
Answer: We are sending a file to UTR weekly and getting a response within a week.. So your UTR rating could be updated within 1 to 7 days after submission.

2) What UTR's are you finding your community to be?
Answer: 95% of our community has a UTR of 7 or lower. Where the median is approximately an UTR of 4.6.


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